Your Membership matters to us and so does the potential Membership of your relatives, friends, business associates and others that you meet who believe in what we do.

What better way to meet new friends, learn new skills and use your experience to help Veterans, Seniors, Youth and all members of your community, while enjoying the legendary comradeship of your local branch of “The Royal Canadian Legion.”

Military service is not a requirement for membership! The Legion wants citizens who are interested in serving Canada today. Must be 18 years or older.

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Our new members from April 20th, 2016 General Meeting! Shown with the new members are: Sgt-in-Arms Conrad Sawyer, Chaplain Fran Darlington, President Tom Semanyk, Dereck Roberts, David McManus and Jeff McCullock and Membership Chairperson Elizabeth Pearse. Welcome!

Fergus Legion welcomes a new member to Branch 275, Joyce Heans. Left to right is Fred Hiller, 1st Vice President and Youth Education Coordinator, Elizabeth Pearse Membership, Joyce Heans, Mel Runnalls 2nd Vice President and Ray Pearse Veterans Services/Seniors.

2013-09-18 New members
2013-0-18 New Members – Bryce McGowan, Terry McKenzie, Phylis Kelly, John Rutherfod, David Tinsley and Mary-Ann Tinsley, with Chaplain Fran Darlington, President Greg Manion and Membership Chairman Doreen Flochkart
2013-11-20 New members
New Members L-R Greg Manion – President, Trudy Melanson, Doreen Flockhart Membership Chairman, Fran Darlington Legion Chaplain
2014-01-16 New Members
New Members Gary Waterhouse, Heather Gillespie, Don Sewell, Susan Wylie, With Chaplain Fran Darlington, President and Membership Chairman Doreen Flockhart