Vimy Ridge Project

Vimy Ridge Project

In the month of June, 2 Vimy Oaks saplings were purchased by the Fergus Legion Branch 275 and 1 sapling was purchased by the Elora Legion Branch 229. In the month of July, 2 of these saplings were planted at the Centre Wellington County Museum in Aboyne one on each side of the entrance to the museum. The 3rd sapling was planted at the Fergus Cenotaph.
Now both Legion’s will be in attendance for a special service in the placing of 2 stones with accompanying memorial plaques, at the Centre Wellington County Museum on Friday, September 22 at 10 AM.

These saplings originated from acorns collected by Leslie Miller, a Canadian soldier who salvaged a handful of acorns from a dying oak tree in the aftermath of the battle of Vimy Ridge in 1917. No trees were left standing following the bloodied battle that defined the Canadian effort in the First World War.
Monty McDonald a close friend to this Canadian soldier, took it upon himself to nurture these acorns in Hamilton, Ontario. 95 years later the oaks, currently towering some nine metres high, are the last, best proof of Miller’s life, which ended in 1979.
“It’s a true repatriation,” said Jeremy Diamond, the Vimy Ridge Foundation’s Executive Director. “And it’s legacy building. Generations of people from all over will be able to come and see a true piece of Vimy in these trees.”
And now both Elora and Fergus will be part of this legacy building thanks to the initiative of Comrade Jim Dixon, Veteran Services, of the Fergus Legion Branch 275


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